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Brand Strategy Session - 2 hour plus action plan

Brand Strategy Session - 2 hour plus action plan

A business without a strategy is unlikely to be sustainable, and if you want your busines to do well, it's vital that you have a clear set of goals and an action plan to make them happen. Your brand strategy will set you on the path to success in simple, actionable steps, and we're here to help you get there. 

Book your strategy session with us and we'll take a thorough look over your socials, website etc and build a rough action plan prior to our meeting. Our strategy session will last around 2 hours, either over Zoom or in person, and we'll go through the plan, step by step, discussing the best way forward and making the necessary tweaks to get you to your goals. 

Once you purchase, you'll immediately receive your questionnaire, which once you've completed you can return to us on email and we'll get your session booked in the diary. 

 All this for just £325. What's stopping you achieving your goals? Book your session today. 

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    Please note this is copyrighted material. All training material remains the property of Grey Card Creative and must not be re-sold, distributed or shared to anyone who has not purchased the training material directly from our website. Any distribution, re-writing or re-imagination of this material will break strict copyright laws and you may be subject to prosecution. Please do not share.

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    Please check your email for a direct download link following your purchase. The download link will stay active for 30 days. Alternatively, download directly from the checkout confirmation page.

  • How To Use

    All trainings sold by Grey Card Creative are digital in format and provide step by step guides on their subjects. Should you require additional support, please do not hesitate to get in touch via our contact page.

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