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Terms & Conditions

As customers of Grey Card Creative, you'll need to know what my terms and conditions are before you book. This ensures that we are completely clear about what services I provide, and what you can expect as a customer.


How does it work?

To begin the design process we need to establish what you and your business stand for, what you're trying to tell your customers, and what feelings you want to convey when potential clients engage with your business for the first time.

We send a specific set of questions out to all our logo clients, which help us to get a handle on your and your business. This is an invaluable part of the design process as it gives us the starting point for any design concepts we may come up with.

A bespoke logo package will start with initial design concepts. From here, we narrow down until we have the perfect design.

Included in the package are all the files you will need to brand your business both online and in print, produced from professional software and in vector format. You'll receive a full set of files and guidelines as to which file to use for what purpose. You'll also receive the full vector design files for your records. Branding Guidelines are included in EVERY logo package.

Please note - a 50% deposit is required before the design work commences and the remaining balance is payable before the final files are released. No printed items are included, just digital files.

Services and Payment :

Please refer to the services descriptions pages very carefully. This will detail exactly what you can expect from any package you book with Grey Card Creative.

PLEASE NOTE, NO PHYSICAL PRODUCT IS PROVIDED UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED. You are paying me for design work, not a physical product. You will receive all your design files, as agreed, in digital format, along with a guide as to what file to use for what purpose. No printed items are included, just digital files. I accept payment via Paypal or Bank Transfer only. All payments taken via the website are in full. Should you wish to split your payment into two installments, please contact us for an invoice.

Portfolio :

Please take a really good look over my portfolio, this will give you a great idea of my style, what I can offer, the type of designs I produced, and whether we are the right fit for each other. If you're looking for a cartoonist, I'm not your best choice! If you're after a modern art grafitti style artist, nope, not me!

Please make sure you're booking the right person for the job as it makes it a lot easier when it comes to delivering the goods. If you've chosent he wrong designer, and you don't like what they've spent hours designing, you can't expect their time for free.

Refunds :

Generally refunds are a no no. I invoice and expect payment upfront as designing initial concepts is the most lengthy part of my job. Once I've committed several hours to your design commission, I'm unlikely to refund you should you not like what I've produced. The time commitment has already been made and effectively I'd end up working for free.

Please refer to the above point, inspect my portfolio, make sure I'm the right designer for your job, and that my style is the right fit for you.

Obviously, revisions to designs are unlimited (to a degree), so if you're not sure on a design, lets amend it until you are happy and it does what you want it to. However, if you've simply got a picture in your head and we've gone over and over, it may be time to find a new designer. In this case a refund is unlikely, as hours have already been committed to the job, but talk to me, I'm not unreasonable, and we may be able to come to an agreement on a partial refund or similar.

Production time and delivery :

Jobs take time. Sometimes jobs take a lot of time, sometimes they come together really quickly. Once you book I'll give you a really good idea of when to expect the first round of design concepts, but some weeks are busier than others, so please bare with me! I'll keep you informed every step of the way, especially if there is to be any delay. Delivery of your files will vary as it takes time to produce all the different file types you need, and I like to double check everything before it leaves me.

I generally work Monday to Friday between 9am and 3pm. This is because it fits around my family. For that reason, I also try not to work weekends, but I am notorious for fitting in an email or message here and there (I hate to keep people waiting), and I'll occasionally be found at my desk on a quiet Sunday!

Got a question?

Just ask me! I love to answer people's questions as it makes our working relationship so much easier. You're never being a pain, or asking something stupid, I know what I know, and I'm happy to explain any part of the process if you need extra guidance. Happy to help!

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