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Online Presence

Building an online presence is essential these days, but it can be so hard to get noticed out there in a sea of information and offerings. 
Let us help kick start your online journey with awesome on-brand social media kits, easy to use newsletter templates and user friendly websites. 

Social Media Kits

Social media kits can take the stress out of creating content for your streams in one easy hit. Designed to be used in Canva or other similar editing programs, our kits consist of post backgrounds, overlays, stickers, story backgrounds, branding elements and much more, that make content creation a total breeze. Choose templates for one platform, or multiple, and if you like we'll even nip into your Canva account and create some posts for you! 

We also have an amazing social media manager that we work with closely, so if you want to hand the whole thing over, we can put you in touch. 

So, don't stress over your socials, let us do the work. 

from £225

Email Templates

Grow your email list with engaging newsletters, product launches, sales grabs and much more. With less wanting to rely on Social Media as main attraction these days, email marketing has seen a surge in popularity recently. We know that Instagram's algorithm can leave us needing more to reach our customers, so why not target their inboxes directly with eye-catching marketing campaigns, informative newsletters and exciting product launches. Email marketing templates can change your business, so let us create on brand templates that you can use time and time again.  

from £125


We all know the value of a good website, and as a trust builder, it's a great one. Being able to send your customers to a site that showcases your work or product beautifully can only help with your sales. Or can it? What if your website isn't user friendly? What if your target market can't find what they need or how to buy it? 

What if you have to wait for someone else to update your site every time you want to add a product or offering? 

Websites are tricky, especially for those who aren't tech-savvy, so let us help. We build almost exclusively on the Wix platform, which means excellent flexibility for us as designers, and a user-friendly interface for you to update your own site moving forward. 

If you're interested in a shiny new website, somewhere to sell online, or just a one-page trust builder, you're in the right place. 

from £450

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