Multi Stream Social Media Branding Package

Multi Stream Social Media Branding Package

So you have your logo and business branding sorted, but now you need to roll that out across all your social media platforms. Not sure where to start?

Avoid badly branded videos, boring banners and dodgy profile pictures. Brand your Social Media Streams like a pro with our multi stream branding package.


Our multi stream branding package includes the all the individual elements from each of our individual packages, across your choice of 4 social media streams. All of these will be produced using your logo, brand fonts and colours to ensure complete continuity across the board.


On top of that, all your files will come in web ready low resolution files AND high resolution so if you want to use them for print, you have the flexibility to do so.


To book in, simply purchase your multi stream social media design package, and we'll send you a worksheet requesting all the information and files we need from you to get started on your designs. We'll be in contact to confirm receipt and book your design work into the diary.

  • Terms and Conditions of Purchase

    © Grey Card Creative/Jo Richards 2020

    Please note this is copyrighted material. All digital goods remain the property of Grey Card Creative until completion of your design brief, distributed or shared to anyone who has not purchased them directly from our website.

    Once completed, your logo and branding elements will be sent to you digitally. This does not include any printed materials. You will retain copyright of your logo design and no visual elements from it will re-used for another clients' work. The typefaces are not under copyright, and are free for commercial use, but remain the property of the creator. These do not form part of your copyrighted logo.

  • How to Download Your Product


    Please check your email for a direct download link following your purchase. The download link will stay active for 30 days. Alternatively, download directly from the checkout confirmation page. The download will be a guide as to how to start your design process. Please contact us in good time following purchase with the relevant information so that we may begin your design work.

    Logo design will typically take between 7 and 28 working days to complete.

  • How To Use

    All digital goods sold by Grey Card Creative are digital in format and are for personal use only. You must not sell this design work to any third party. Should you require additional support, please do not hesitate to get in touch via our contact page.