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Showing your products off in the best way is a bit of a minefield, how do you stand out from the crowd with so much on offer? The key is being true to your message, researching your target market, and great design! That's where I can help. I LOVE designing packaging, it's honestly one of my favourite things to do, and getting products noticed on the shelves is a real challenge, so you need some customer insight and a good designer on your side. 
We're not just talking boxes either, we're talking labels, tags, bags, ribbons, you name it, we can design it, and we'll have your product looking incredible in no time. It needn't cost the earth either, packaging design can start from as little as only £125. Take a look below to see some examples of awesome packaging we've designed previously, and don't hold back, hit the contact button now and lets start talking packaging.

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Marketing material can involve a bit of guess work. Who will read it? Where will they find it? Should it be printed or digital? Do people read catalogues? Does it need to work both online and in hand? Do I need stationery? How do I reach my target market? 
So. Many. Questions
The short answer is, it totally depends on your business, how it runs, and who your product or service is for, so take the guess work out of your marketing equation, and get clear on who you need to target and how. (Our ideal client worksheet can help with this!) 

Once you have a really good idea of who you're targeting and where, we can set about designing some marketing material that really gets you noticed, and conveys your brand message perfectly. 
Here's what we can help with
(for use both digitally and in print) : ​


  • Promotional flyersleaflets and postcards

  • Document templates

  • eBook layouts and cover artwork

  • Product catalogues

  • Hard cover bound books

  • Saddle stitched booklets

  • Stickers

  • Tags

  • Business stationery

  • Canva templates

  • Signage

  • Apparel design

  • Tissue, velum and wrapping

We can also arrange a professional printing service for all your marketing and packaging needs at very competitive rates.

Please ask for a quote. 

Prices for design work start from just £125. Get in touch for an accurate quote for your design project.

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