Kellie wanted to start a business support network that helped families to maintain a balance between their home and work lives when returning to work after materinity or paternity leave.

We had nothing to go on when we started the design process, no strapline, just the name, and what she intended to do with her business.

I created a mod board of ideas which I thought could work, and we worked through several concepts until we reached the one that felt most natural and worked in terms of what she wanted from the business.

The resulting logo will be used across social media snd online presence, to brand her stationery and promotional documents, and to brand the uniforms of the staff that will provide the support netwrok for families requiring guidance from Family Patterns.

Family Patterns also wanted a website designed and set up prior to their opening. Kellie wanted the framework of her site built, using the branding colours, graphics and fonts we'd used for the logo to create a branded look across the board.

I used separated graphics and fonts installed into a WIX premium system to create the site, leaving her with an easy to maintain branded website that would help her to get her business out there when the time came.

Please note - websites are not built on Wordpress systems. I build simple branded sites using your choice of website builder, saving you time and effort, and leaving you with an easy to maintain website at a small cost.

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