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Catherine Blades and I have worked together for a few years now, mainly on her websites, magazine adverts and features and more recently on new promotional material for her business and her foray in contemporary art.

I started with a logo re-design, from a flat pastel logo to a slick new chrome version which epitomised the new direction of her modern business. 2018/19 saw the start of a re-branding project for Catherine's business, and working very closely with her, I was able to interpret her vision for a modern, contemporary and high end feel into the resulting website and marketing material. We also worked together on some merchandise for her business and continue to produce magazine content, social media content and blog posts together.

See her re-vamped logo, video of her new website and the advertorial brochure below.  www.catherinebladescouture.com

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Catherine's new website design was built on a 123reg web builder package. We used a clean, minimalistic design to get across the modern art based feel to her business and it works really well, giving it a high end feel.