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Brand Creation

Riding the waves of business is hard enough without trying to figure out your branding.
That's where we come in. Let us shoulder the hard work by creating a stunning brand for you and your business, something that represents you completely, showing the heart and soul of what you have created. Check out our bespoke branding packages below, and get your business hanging ten in no time.
Need help with a strategy? Find the right direction for your business, and how to use your branding to reach your target market in the right way with a strategy session. Get in touch to book your call or meeting in today. 

Your logo mark is the most used element of your brand identity and will become the face of your business. We want to make sure it’s a perfect fit for you. Firstly, we ensure that we understand your business, the target market, and what you want to say with your brand, by sending you a set of questions that will help us to get focused on creating a unique brand identity that truly represents your business. We chat on a zoom call, or meet in person if you're local, and really get a clear picture of who you are and what your business represents.

You will have as much creative input as you want throughout the design process, and a bespoke brand package has very little limitations, so we'll keep going until you're completely happy with the end result.

If you're expecting pages of ideas, then don't. After the consultation process, I should be able to provide 2-3 concepts that really nail the brief, and the editing process will help us refine until your brand identity is perfect.

You also need to know what your business is about, and what message you're wanting to get across. If you're not clear about where you are, and what you want your business to achieve, we won't be able to find your 'why' for you. If you're fun any doubt about starting the brand process, then give us a call or email and we can chat through it all first, to avoid any 'cold sweat' moments along the way! We're here to help, so don't be afraid to reach out. 

Signature Package

Our Signature Package is perfect for those in need of a professional brand identity, and not wanting to waste money on low quality logo designs that won't stand the test of time. Get yourself noticed with this package, and add to your branding toolkit as your business progresses. This package still gives you choice and flexibility.

Pretty much future-proof, this package is great for those serious about their business and wanting to get started with a great set of tools to market themselves both online and in print.

  • Main logo

  • Submark

  • Brand elements

  • Colour palette

  • Font guide

  • Complete style guide and brand guidelines


Ultimate Package

The Ultimate Package is the whole shebang! Everything included in the Signature package, but with added bang for your buck, the Ultimate package includes a complete Brand identity, and much more to ensure ultimate flexibility as your business moves forward.

An absolute must for business owners looking to launch with a bang, or those wanting to take their business to the next level. This is the big dog, and just what every business needs. 

  • Main logo

  • Submark

  • Brand elements

  • Repeating pattern

  • Email template

  • Business/Promo card design

  • Social media Canva kit

  • Colour palette

  • Font guide

  • Complete style guide and brand guidelines


Brand Strategy

Having a kick-ass brand identity, amazing product and awesome looking socials is all very well, but if you're not sure of what to do with it all, and you don't have a plan, your business is in danger of failing. 

What you need is a brand strategy.

What's that you say? Brand strategy will help you find your brand voice, make a plan for success, understand your goals and desires for your business, and how to formulate an action plan to achieve them. A successful brand strategy can help gain loyalty, create awareness, build repeat business, and inspire word-of-mouth referrals. Want all of that? Let's get started! Brand strategy sessions usually last for 60 minutes and can be done on Zoom or in person.

  • 120 minute in person or zoom consultation

  • Complete written action plan for your business


Start your project today

Looking for a lower cost option? We have a wide range of pre-designed branding packages, ready to go, with minimal fuss and maximum impact. Simply customise the business name and select your colour palette and we'll deliver your branding files to you quickly and efficiently.

Visit our digital assets shop now.

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